Open the Window to Security

Welcome to the blog of CASS Global Security!

Security, VIP protection, stealth, surveillance… at CASS, we are well equipped to handle complex, risk laden scenarios that executives and their families face. Threats seem to increase every day:

  • Cyber attacks that invade the privacy of your home
  • Random encounters
  • New security risks for VIPs
  • Spying and sabotage infiltrating the political realms
  • Vendetta-obsessed foes threatening high net worth families
  • Terrorism and communalism breaking down the fabric of democracy
  • Drug wars
  • Local border disputes
  • Interdiction operations

Current international threats most likely involve criminals with military experience. Armed with a military background and smart new inventions in the world of weaponry and surveillance, we’re ever ready to help you handle these risks.

We’ll keep you posted on the big things that happen in the world of security. If you’re a celebrity, dignitary or business magnate, you are always exposed to security threats. You may never know how close you are to danger till you get hit. With our blog updates, we keep you posted on you how to stay prepared and be on the safe side.

Check Out High Tech Security Equipment

You’ll also learn about the latest technology used by spies to check out your financial information or personal details – it’s not a comfortable fact, but espionage isn’t practiced only in military, business and political circles. It’s wise to stay on your guard – our eye-opening blog posts will tell you how.

Know What Goes Into Training Security Professionals

We run a very tough security professionals training program that trains efficient personnel for protecting VIPs, businessmen, rich and influential families, and property (estate security). You can get revealing insights into our training and how we mold the right people to become vital security assets.

Get it Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Shawn Engbrecht, CEO of CASS Global Security, also shares pearls of wisdom from his rich experience in high risk missions as a Global Security Strategist. The other experienced security professionals who are part of this organization also give their precious insights.

Look forward to getting excited by the world of top security. Let us show you around!