Ensuring Executive Safety Inside Volatile Ukraine

CASS Global, through its Energy Security subject matter expert Rand Fitzner, played a key role in the ongoing safety of a Western Exec Vice President of a major petroleum firm during the recent crisis in Ukraine.

Due to our very robust presence in the country (we had staff working three blocks from the Maidan for the duration of the crisis) our initial report strongly recommended that, due to ongoing strife which had been simmering for months the Executive should refrain from visiting the country.

*Note: All photos in this post were taken by CASS Global staff during the revolution
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Ukraine CASS Global Security Maidan

However, the event moved forward and she went on to attend a number of important meetings in Kiev while outside the bursts of gunfire were getting louder and closer.

She almost made it and had she left two days earlier she would have sidestepped the paroxysm of violence which convulsed the entire city in spasms of bloodshed. As it was, she was trapped, not only in the country but also from her hotel, whose lobby had been converted into a makeshift field hospital.

Ukraine CASS Global Security Maidan3

Corporate head office was understandably distraught and asked us to step in. Within 4 hours CASS Global was able to declare that we had arranged for a safe house, independent transportation in the form of a private vehicle and competent driver, and an English speaking native who knew the backroads and alleys of Kiev like the back of her hand.

Additionally, CASS Global was able to feed live, real time intelligence updates on the highly dangerous and fluid situation engulfing the Maidan to the corporate head office, who were then able to shunt key personnel away from dangerous sectors of the city.

This scenario was played out daily until safe passage back to Boryspil airport was confirmed and the executive was successfully evacuated.

CASS Global continues to maintain a robust security element in the country as we feel the ongoing violence in the East will continue to have a disruptive impact on all Western organizations trying to interact with the pro democracy government currently in place. The key to a stable Ukraine is an improving economy and the CASS Global stands ready to assist those individuals and companies who strive to make a difference in this fragile region of the world.