Why Choose CASS Global for your Security Needs?

The mere fact that you are reading this is mute testimony to the staggering array of choice when it comes to providing a security provider. At first glance, we all offer more or less the same suite of services which makes it difficult for the client to discern the handful of diamonds among the gallons of zirconia. All companies have organic strengths and weaknesses, (although some are loathe to admit it) and one size doesn’t always fit all.

So in an attempt to keep it short and focused, here is where CASS Global truly shines when compared with all the other guys.

 Long Term Placements:

Our operatives highly motivated and painstakingly trained to precise standards of protection, initiative, and service. The  obvious forum for those traits to shine are long term assignments on a global basis. Most companies field staff who can smile and do well for short periods of time. We are first in class when it is pouring rain in the middle of the night, an untoward event has occurred halfway around the world, and the client requires immediate action based on superior judgment, experience, and proactive initiative. All completed without pernicious blowback against the client. That is where we have truly developed a reputation for unparalleled quality.

 Quality of Service:

There are any number of larger firms, with hundreds on staff, who can provide eye-popping displays of pie charts, reports, and resumes. To that end you will be assigned a team who will include you among many other clients. Attrition will be high, quality will be acceptable (just) and your point of contact within the firm will rotate with the passage of time. Some are very reputable and do a solid job.


You can focus on precision-engineered quality, custom crafted to your own unique specifications. Where, with the passage of time, trust becomes absolute, professionalism is unsurpassed, and the pursuit of excellence is relentless. To that end CASS Global will forevermore be a quiet firm where quality of service trumps the mass production lines of the competition. Where the client will never have to worry about who to call, because if required you can call the CEO in the middle of night. Which succinctly represents our theories about service.


We breed thinkers. Individuals who are expected and authorized to use latent intelligence to avoid/negate issues before they ever become threats. Thoroughly trained, forward leaning professionals who are constantly seeking to improve, regardless of skill level. If all you require are formidable looking males in suits to keep the masses at bay, we are a poor choice. If you require highly competent operatives with a gift for languages, logistics, and medical training to perform at world class standards while still having the capability to represent you on a personal basis, then CASS Global has no peers.


Spend a few moment reviewing The Economist or the Wall Street Journal and it won’t take long to discern that the world, in practically all applications, is becoming a more dangerous place. This is doubly true if you are a member of the top 1%. It is no longer a question of whether you can afford security or more likely are loathe to have it, but rather can you afford NOT to have it?

This is a discipline where the onus is clearly focused on quality. Where the quiet, superbly trained professional clearly trumps the factory production line services of the competitors. But then again, at the end of the day, it’s your life.

Which underscores our whole point admirably.