CASS Global Security – Mobile Training Team in Australia

Odd, how in today’s world of over saturated media hype, sometimes all it takes is a few sentences to clearly drive home the point in terms of professionalism. A short paragraph sincerely written and mission success. This is one of those little accolades that has simply grown with time. It puts the TEAM in Mobile Training Team.

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Transcribed:  The training I have received from Mr. Shawn Engbrecht is invaluable for the conduct of my duties as the personal assistant to the Vice Chief of the Australian Defence Force.  The Center for Advanced Security Studies leaves graduates well placed for duties as high-level personal assistants who are able to provide close protection for the customer.  I highly recommend the training provided by the Center to prospective candidates and future employers. – Flight Lieutenant Aide-de-Camp to Vice Chief of the Defence Force – Australia

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