CASS Global Security – Our Clients “Myth versus Reality”

One of the challenges confronting CASS Global as a niche service provider has been to dispel multiple assumptions, almost all false, about who exactly represents the majority of our clients.

Broad brush generalizations are dangerous tools with which to paint a picture, and for every statement that follows we have several exceptions.

The key to success is to remember that ALL clients are unique in their own way, complete with customs and personal habits that differentiate one client from the next. There is no right nor wrong….merely different. The critical portion is pairing the correct operative with the appropriate client.

Having thus provided our mea culpa in terms of pinpoint accuracy, CASS Global can provide the following.

The majority of our clients fall into two groups:

Group One: High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and their families.

They will generally share the following characteristics:

  • Are married. Often the spouse was a partner in the formative years of the business.
  • Are the founders of the business and have been in the game for a long haul. Many of our clients spent decades building their own businesses to the point where they eventually required security. Most are still very active, tend to be hands on, and many look forward to the challenges of the day-to-day running of the operation.
  • Are highly intelligent. We don’t get many of the so-called “trust fund babies”. And because they are highly intelligent and have considerable business acumen, it makes them tough to fool. They are exposed to hundreds of people, pitches, and projects on a weekly basis all designed for one thing-to separate them from their hard earned wealth. As such, their on board, intuitive radar can smell a shady business rat miles away.
  • Are QUALITY driven. They wish to have the best possible quality, be it watches, onion rings, or private jets. And because they focus on quality they are implying a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP with said service provider. Though they can afford premium prices, they expect the product (be it goods or services) to come with a TURN KEY setup where they no longer have to worry about it. Life is short and once the physical needs are met, it is generally all about the experience.
  • Are not necessarily spendthrifts, regardless of income. They didn’t struggle for years to get this far only to give it all away. Thus they have a well developed sense of true value and what is a fair price for most ancillary services.
  • Are short tempered with idiots, and expect anyone working in close proximity to be intelligent, display initiative, communicate effectively, and be a highly motivated professional in his chosen niche. They tend not to like to repeat sentences twice.
  • Are, contrary to popular conception, very low profile. They prefer to remain away from the spotlight unless there are specific reasons to be bathed in it. They are not what the popular press calls “flashy” and expect their staff to adhere to the same standards.
  • Are appreciative of all things that smack of efficiency, precision, and class, regardless.

As for their security service providers, they collectively tend to have the following performance expectations as pertains to scope of work. The threat may vary from severe to minimal, but the characteristics of the provider do not change. They expect their Security Service Providers to:

  • Be extraordinarily competent in all things related to their personal and professional safety. And if an unusual situation arises, they expect their provider to identify/coordinate with the appropriate niche professional to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Be highly effective communicators who can rapidly assimilate the needs of the client and proactively move forward. In short, Security staff are personal ambassadors who can be entrusted to interact intelligently with other entities on behalf of the client if the need should ever arise.
  • Be both loyal and discrete. Both are earned over time in the process of becoming trustworthy. Trust, on both sides, is earned, never assumed. Every day. But once that bridge is built, the level of efficiency, speed, and contentment rises vertically.
  • Wear multiple hats. Sometimes it is personal assistant, occasionally travel agent, and once in a while a living whiteboard for ideas not fully developed.
  • Be efficient. Very efficient. Forever.
  • Have a positive impact, in as many ways as possible, on their lives. We MUST become the rock of stability on often-stormy seas (in terms of business dealings) for the client. We represent the ONE thing (excluding spouse/family) that can ALWAYS be depended upon to be there, and to execute actions in the best interest of the client, regardless.

Group Two: Clients who travel Internationally

This group will generally share the following characteristics: (in addition to the common sense themed ones pertaining to group one)

  • Are clients, who, for a multiplicity of reason, desire additional personnel to travel with them. Invariably the primary concern is personal security, but the level of secondary applications such as personal assistant, etc, vary widely.
  • Are desirous of a level of security that they may conduct business negotiations without duress. We routinely accompany oil executive to remote/hostile locations as an example. The composition of the team may be a solo operative through to a 30 plus man team such as we have operated with in South America.
  • Are focused more on the tactical level versus the strategic plane of the Ultra high net worth individuals. They tend to direct attention to a specific deployment or job as opposed to any ongoing, permanent assignment. As such, greater attention must be paid to specific technical skill sets which can contribute to the immediate project at hand.
  • May require a unique skill identifier based upon location. The obvious example is China where having the services of a Mandarin fluent, Western, operative is of exponential value. Mexico is another prime case study where a permanent presence by us can rapidly pour oil on troubled traveling waters.
  • May require a unique skill identifier based on travel. We recently accompanied an executive and his wife on a safari to an “off the grid” location. To that end, we selected an individual who was highly skilled in remote medicine. He also took a crash course in the flora and fauna of the area to be visited to ensure he was well versed to assist in identification of any creature or plant the clients found of interest. We did the same for a tour of the Great Art Museums of Europe. The benefits are self-evident.

Their performance expectations are identical to those mentioned for Group one, with the added inclusion of a specific skill set which will be of value to the client on this particular trip.

The greatest single difference between the two is that CASS Global pays more attention to selecting the appropriate individual for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Families as these relationships tend to be long term and personalities must be complementary.

For Clients who travel we approach the process in reverse order, focusing on the appropriate skill set which will be instrumental in long-term success. We then identify the best individual from the specific gene pool which have the skill identifiers deemed mission essential.

All our clients agree with this statement, however. “The better you prepare, the better you perform.”

Which is why CASS Global is so successful. Its all in the planning and preparation.