CASS Global Conducts Threat Assessment in Burma

Burma - CASS Global Security

CASS Global’s Dedicated Advance Team was pushed to the limit with an extended threat assessment in Burma back in 2007, when it was still under the rule of a military Junta. It was a balancing act on a tightrope. Swing too far one way and one risks confronting the wrath of a police state. But failing to dig hard enough will not provide the client with the material necessary to construct intelligent hypotheses. It was a case of choose your friends very carefully and pad quietly playing the role of tourist.

Eventual success was based on charm, bluff, and enormous effort poured into developing Low Level Intelligence Networks for an extended period of time. It is a disturbing feeling to be conducting legal and legitimate business under the watchful eyes of a police state. Thankfully, for all concerned, and especially for the population of Burma, those days are now hopefully a thing of the past.

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