Responsible Travel Management Conference Keynote Speaker

Even though the term “Global Village” is bandied about on a routine basis, it does not imply that its inhabitants are any safer. Indeed, the current level of refugees fleeing strife is now at its highest point since the conclusion of the Second World War.

However, with the increasing competitiveness of international commerce, the hard facts remain that business travelers, especially executives who wield decision making authority, have no choice but to venture into less salubrious parts of the world.

CASS Global is pleased to announce that we were tendered (and accepted) a keynote speaking position at the Responsible Travel Management Conference 2014  to be held October 8th in London.

Andrew Day will represent CASS Global and address the attendees on such critical topics as Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Operational Security, Interaction with local nationals, etc. The follow on break out session is already fully booked, testament to his professional prowess and talent as a skilled orator.

CASS Global Security is of course able to replicate these services for selected clients, on a worldwide basis. The premise remains the same.

“By thorough planning and preparation, we are able to effectively mitigate risk by avoiding it in the first place.”

For those desirous of a consultation with Mr. Day, please don’t hesitate to contact our world wide, toll free number at 1-877-2277-318.