Journey into Afghanistan

The very best companies are those that are always looking forward, evolving in pursuit of ever higher levels of excellence. To do that, however, one must also have the objective capacity to analyze the experiences of others, (or oneself) and to  create a superior methodology than that employed in the past.

Afghanistan, for CASS Global, represented a watershed in terms of becoming a first in class service provider. Our CEO spent nearly a year in the country, viewing problems and proposed solutions from all angles, in uniform and out, alone with locals, and surrounded by both Afghan Army and Americans. Mr. Engbrecht deployed to Afghanistan on sabbatical, gleaning material for a comprehensive book dedicated to defeating low level counter insurgencies. It should be noted that providing comprehensive Executive Protection is nearly identical in the employment of tactics used.

NATO got a lot of things right in Afghanistan. And quite a few wrong. So did the State Department, Private Military Contractors, the US Army, etc. The truth is all made mistakes and some excelled in selected areas.

CASS Global was in the superlative position to take copious notes and to clearly identify what does and doesn’t work.

Some ancient “truths” were dumped upside down. Intelligence trumps firepower. Logistics is superior to the best armored vehicles and Operational Security, when nimble and quick, is untouchable in terms of safety. Bottom line is brains beat bullets nearly every time and the best way to win a gunfight is to never be in one in the first place.

CASS Global has adopted these cutting edge tactics with startling results. Spurning the traditional “men in black with guns” we continue to accrue world class clients all of whom possess a common denominator.

They all  seek the very finest in service and are astute enough to identify it when they see it.

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