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CASS Global’s Insight Into the Kardashian Robbery

So, to the surprise of not many in the top tiers of the Celebrity Bodyguard industry, Kim Kardashian got robbed. As we all know, it made front page news. But the follow on issue is WHO did the most respected, professional news outlets turn to for cutting edge insight into the robbery? CASS Global Security. […]

Leadership: Part Art, Part Science

CASS Global Leadership

CASS Global, in addition to providing a large suite of security services, engages in Executive Coaching. We were asked to write some articles for the yachting community on Leadership a few times. Our Senior Instructor, who is very operational in CASS Global, also writes professional articles on a variety of security based themes, including leadership. […]

Insurance Companies and CASS Global

For potential clients, this is a very important topic and needs to be reviewed with care. At the larger, corporate level it is public knowledge of the relationship between insurance companies and security providers. This is doubly true when the insurance company carries Kidnap and Ransom insurance on the client. In essence, the Insurance company […]

Risk Mitigation Requires a Multi-tiered Balanced Approach

CASS Risk Mitigation

Every now and then, when you get the phone call, your stomach tenses up because this one is “it”. The real deal with consequences unbearable to consider if things go awry. Human lives. Risk mitigation at this level requires a multi-tiered balanced approach, and has to be done in a tearing hurry. Like starting an […]

Security Mission in Rome

CASS Global Security Wins in Rome Again

For Corporate and Private Clients who travel, the world is a far cry from that of only a couple of decades ago. Change is omnipresent, and very little is trending positive. Even “fail safe” Western Europe is undergoing extraordinary transition. Paratroops stationed in front of the Notre Dame in Paris and the Trevi Fountain in […]

CASS Global Security in Switzerland

CASS Global in Switzerland

One of the largest banks in the world located in Switzerland tendered an RFP for security services. CASS Global Security was, by far, the smallest firm bidding, based on number of personnel. It was yet another David vs Goliath encounter in terms of going head to head with the corporate titans of the industry. CASS […]

Proactive vs. Reactive A World of Difference – CASS Global Security

The world is broken down into two groups of disproportionate size. Those who make things happen and those who watch things happen. If you are the latter, you have lost the strategic initiative and will forevermore be reacting to the moves generated by competition or hostile opponents. The other, much smaller segment, represents the proactive […]