About CASS

CASS Global Security is a niche provider of International Executive Protection focusing exclusively on High Net Worth individuals/families and/or high value Corporate undertakings. While our specific Executive Protection skill sets are amply documented elsewhere, 'About Us' will touch upon the intangibles that have transformed CASS into the dynamic, Blue Ocean Company that we are today.

CASS Global Security

  • Is a lean and nimble entity. By leveraging cutting edge communications technology we have sidestepped the need for the archaic “bricks and mortar” business model. By having intelligent people pre-positioned around the globe, we circumvent the need for expensive office space. The same theorem applies to mid level management and ancillary support staff. As every single person in this company is a ‘doer’ (which includes the CEO) our tooth to tail ratio in terms of client value for dollar spent is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • Our profit model is a collective one, also a “stand alone” in the industry. When one wins, we all do, and vice versa. By providing every member of the team with a stake in the company, CASS Global has eliminated internal disputes and cleared the way for collective success. Each field officer may draw upon the resources of any other(s) at any time, clear in the knowledge that the most important goal is mission success, regardless. It is the epitome of teamwork, with every individual delegated both the responsibility and authority to proactively resolve issues on the ground without having to call 12,000 miles to a remote head office for “instructions”. We are a forward leaning company, (very similar to our clients) and this is a huge discriminator in our favor.

  • Is cognizant that stand-alone security is viewed as a net debit from the client’s point of view. To offset this, CASS Global is the ONLY firm to inject ancillary tasks such as logistics, translation, personal services, etc. into the security equation. By absorbing these responsibilities, we are increasing the level of safety (because we control the logistics), provide additional resources to the client (by clearing his desk of mundane tasks) and saving the client money by eliminating the need for additional staff to accompany him/her. If this quantitative yardstick is applied to judge value for dollar/ quality in security, then we become the de facto proactive standard in an otherwise reactive industry.

  • CASS Global is the only firm that provides employees with peer evaluations, allowing us to eject sub standard performers. Our turnover is so low as to be non-existent, allowing teams to work on multiple operations together. Our senior leaders actually LEAD, and the more complex the task at hand, the greater the density of upper level management. Morale is high, divergent thinking encouraged, and After Action Reviews mandatory. We are a happy and efficient company. CASS Global Security. The new default standard of unparalleled excellence.