CASS Global Security

CASS Global is one of the world's premiere executive protection security firms, with years of experience providing bodyguard services specializing in the unique challenges confronting high net worth families and individuals.

We are a bespoke company, composed of quiet executive Protection Officers with an understated flair for personal service. And although we provide ALL types of security, we specialize in the provision of low profile, discrete applications for selected clients on a world wide basis. We are a niche company, highly adept at identifying the challenges and addressing the needs of high net worth individuals and their families.

How Are We Different?

We passionately believe that all of us have the right to live without fear, to conduct business without threat, and to live life to the fullest without the need of constantly checking over one’s shoulder. After deploying to all the wrong places in terms of violence and fear, our people believe that right and wrong does exist in the world and the right is worth defending. If one starts with those beliefs, adds creative thinkers, proactive initiative, and shakes well, the result is CASS Global.

To say that Cass Global is “just another security company” is akin to saying that “Apple is just another computer manufacturer”. Our beliefs define us as an organization and as people, and the vehicle used to express those beliefs is CASS Global Security. Take a good look at the pages that follow, and you’ll see. Because for us, the most important thing separating dismal failure from spectacular success is what is between the ears and in the heart. Nothing else matters. When brains and desire to provide the best service in the world meet, CASS Global is the result.

Why CASS Global Stands Out

1) CASS Global is an assertively PROACTIVE security company.

Our initiative and responsibility are driven down and forward. By employing proactive means described elsewhere in this website we are assertively mitigating risk in its infancy, which quantitatively reduces the possibility of our having to REACT to events caused by others. CASS Global’s bodyguards do not cede the initiative which is the lynchpin of success.

2) CASS Global is a SERVICE.

So in addition to being extraordinarily competent within our specified discipline, our security operatives are highly skilled at logistics, organization, information technology, etc. All our client need murmur is “I wish to be in New York, (or London or Bejing or Istanbul) the day after tomorrow”. We do the rest, from airlines to hotels to ensuring the cell phones are charged. We are not personal assistants in the purest form but rather substitute for them while they hold down the family office half a world away. For executives who are unable to travel with personal assistants, the opportunity to combine security with office functionality is both intelligent and economical. We are force multipliers in terms of productivity, efficiency, and logistics.

3) At this level, there is no substitute for experience.

Which is why all our operational staff are laboriously hand picked from some of the finest military units in existence. Practically all have extensive combat time and thus well realize the gravitas of their role in the private sector. Furthermore, each operative receives nearly 500 hours of task specific training, honing additional skill sets which allow them to stand alone in terms of professionalism in the private sector. The world is not the same place it was even 15 years ago, and the employment of a former police officer (or bouncer, or Federal Agent, etc) is poor value when compared to the extensive skill sets former Special Operations or Combat soldiers naturally accrue in the hot spots of the world.

4) As a specialist, privately held company we bring advantages many of our corporate clients can only dream of.

We are highly flexible, extremely fast off the mark, and are fully accountable for our actions. We strive to be, before all things, efficient. In so doing, we enable our clients to accrue free time to dedicate as they see fit. As a turn key provider, our clients never need wonder who or when to call, as they have a known face and number 24/7/365. It something runs afoul, we fix it immediately. We are nimble and light, allowing us to punch far above our weight class.

Due to this bespoke process, CASS Global will never be a high volume company and is thus able to maintain its exclusive and highly discerning nature.

Initial Consultations are both confidential and without charge.

CASS Global. Managing Risk. Creating Opportunity.